Rebuild Your Identity So You can End the Cycle of Self-Sabotage and Start Achieving Your Biggest Goals in Life. 

Workshop: The Divine Identity Roadmap

LIVE Sept 3rd, 2022 @ 11am-1pm EST

You want to...
Overcome destructive emotions
Rebuild inner trust by learning how to keep promises to yourself
Become the person that God knows you are
Rediscover your purpose to live a fulfilled life
Show up more fully and confidently in the face of challenges
Celebrate small wins to build momentum
Help the world around you by inspiring others to find their true divine identity + purpose

... then this workshop is for you!

Here are the Topics...

Map It Out: Draw your starting point and what it looks like so you know where you want this journey to take you

Tap Into Your Power: Regardless of your earthly experiences, learn exactly* who you are in God's eyes so you can truly see what you're capable of

Regulate Emotions: Discernment Training 101 and how we apply it to regulate emotions so you have a better set of tools to navigate challenges + find peace

Release Old Habits: How to implement this process into your daily life without getting sabotaged by old patterns of behavior

*Plus: A Checklist of Emotional Roadblocks you will most likely come across throughout this process, and how to handle each one so that you can overcome + keep moving forward!

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The Divine Daily Actions Guide
All the daily actions + reminders you need to stay rooted in your divine identity.
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Hey there - my name is Gabrielle Fox...


I am a psychologist by education + faith-based resilience coach specializing in helping ambitious but self-abandoning individuals to skip years of therapy and useless productivity hacks to achieve goals + live a fulfilled life.


I believe in delivering high-value with a low price tag, helping as many people as possible, and cultivating community support.

My Personal Transformation Story

For almost 20 years, I avoided the one thing that would have set me free: a true RELATIONSHIP with God or my Creator. I suffered so greatly at the hands of: a never-ending cycle of toxic decisions in my personal life, constantly abandoning myself for the sake of others or because of lack of self-confidence/fear of failure, "you can't fail if you give up before you fail" mentality, sabotaging my future to avoid present discomfort, and living in an allusion of excuses as to why my life was tumultuous and a disappointment. 

I had long since destroyed the relationship with myself. I knew I couldn't trust myself to follow through on most of what I promised. I knew I couldn't trust myself to have boundaries. I knew I had no discipline, because you need to know you who are and why you exist to have discipline, and in order to keep your commitments to yourself. I also knew that every person who I looked to for confirmation of who I was, was part of the problem. Toxic, abandoned me, and had no North Star. I almost ended up living out my whole life the same way. My life would've been one giant regret on my deathbed.

Did I have an ambiguous sort of, far away, belief in God? Sure. Always. But I had no idea what a relationship with Him meant or what it could possibly do for me. I thought it was all church woo-woo nonsense. I WAS CATASTROPHICALLY WRONG.

So for years, I read the self-help books on anxiety, self-sabotage, healing from trauma etc. I went to therapy. I tried coaching and productivity hacks. Biohacking. Even got my psychology degree (which I am very glad I did, even though it did not "fix me"). Nothing I tried worked... until...

I was sort of tricked haha. Yes, I was tricked into attending an event I had NO intention of going to. I almost turned around when I got to the parking lot (realizing I had been duped). But I didn't, and I still can't explain why except God. That day was the start of my journey to my real life. Not the delusional, disconnected, endless suffering I had been floating in and out of. Were there moments in those years that were "fun" or good? Sure. But boy, were they short-lived before another crash or depressing event occured.

It still took me about 2-3 years of infusing my newfound divine identity with my already earthly knowledge in psychology + human behavior to produce the solution. BUT IT WAS SO WORTH IT.

So as I have been living a very different looking life and experiencing things I never thought possible, I realized something profound: I wasn't the only one. There are thousands, if not millions, of people who struggle with the very same thing I did. And for those that know me, know I am almost too* selfless, and I often think of others before myself. It was that realization that led me to create The Divine Resilience Method, and as an introduction, The Divine Identity Roadmap.

Imagine for a second, that you suffered greatly at your own hands and mind for almost 20 years, then you found the answer, but kept it all to yourself? NO WAY. So this workshop is Step 1 (a big step) into finally living a life you can feel amazing about, removing old behaviors and ways of thinking that have sabotaged your dreams, and really get connected to the one source of all your power. I would love to see you inside, can't wait to start this journey with you!

2022. The Divine Resilience.